WARM, "to tell the story with excellence and integrity".

WARM Foundation

WARM is an international Foundation working on the world’s contemporary conflicts.
WARM is dedicated to war reporting, war art, war memory.
WARM is bringing together people – journalists, artists, historians, researchers, activists – with a common passion for "telling the story with excellence and integrity".
WARM is dedicated to the promotion of emerging talents and to education.


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WARM Members Community

The WARM Members Community is an international network of journalists, artists, historians, researchers, activists...

WARM Projects

WARM is a co-producer and partner of various projects on contemporary conflict worldwide.

WARM Center

WARM’s primary goal is to open an international WARM Center on Contemporary Conflicts in Sarajevo.

The Center’s residence will welcome the best and the emerging reporters, artists and researchers from all around the world and provide an environment for them to work together.
The Center will develop an Archives and Research Center of material relevant to the study of international conflicts.
The Center will develop an Educational Program.
The Center will organize exhibitions, will co-produce films and co-publish books, will hold conferences, etc.

WARM Festival

A WARM Festival takes place every year in Sarajevo.