Rémy Ourdan

Journalist, Le Monde

Rémy Ourdan is a war correspondent, journalist for Le Monde newspaper.

As a reporter, Ourdan began in 1992 in Sarajevo under siege and covered conflicts and post-conflict situations in Bosnia, Croatia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Eritrea-Ethiopia, Kosovo, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, Egypt, Libya, Central African Republic, among other stories. He lived in Sarajevo and Baghdad. He also covers post-war, human rights and international criminal justice issues, and is working on international jihad.

Rémy Ourdan is the author and co-director of the film The Siege (2016).

Co-founder of WARM, Rémy was WARM's first director (2012-2019) and now serves on the Board of the WARM Foundation.